What is Dark School? 

DARK SCHOOL Online Learning platform
Online learning is a substitute online education. It is often called in learning goes hand in hand with new goals. However, online learning is an inconsistent way of learning differently - The umbrella advertises any reading and the curtains are surrounded by marks and not traditionally in the classroom. Graduation has long records and there are several types close to today,
including: Communication Lessons: are done by regular mail where there is little communication.
 Telecourses: when content is broadcast by radio or television broadcast.CD-ROM lessons: where the student encounters following a consistent computer content.Online Learning: Online courses are provided (with accompanying and / or consistent music.
 Mobile Reading: using devices such as mobile phones, PDAs and digital audio players (iPods, MP3 players).
One of the most popular practices today is online learning. According to the Sloan Consortium,
online enrollment continues to match prices faster than the total number of students as adroitly
he considers educational institutions expect the value of construction to continue to grow. Another key
findings: More than 1.9 students study online on the 2003 slip.Schools expect the number of online learners to grow to more than 2.6 million with the 2004 slip.
 Schools expect to maintain online enrollment - a respectable standard of 2004 online students accounted for 24.8%, continuing from 19.8% in 2003.
 The majority of each school (53.6%) agrees that online education is very important in its long term
place. Most education leaders point out that the spirit of online learning is already at stake and it is a descending order of twisting. 

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