Best 16 Hacker Cyber Security Movies - Web series of All Time

 Best 16 Hacker Cyber Security Movies - Web Series of All Time

The Top 16 Best Hacker Movies

01.. Hackers (1995)

02.. Takedown Hackers 2 (2000)

03.. Hacker (2016)

04.. Swordfish (2001)

05.. The Fifth Estate (2013)

06.. Who Am I (2014)

07.. War Games (1983)

08.. CSI Cyber (2015-2016) series.

09.. The Matrix (1999)

10.. The Matrix Reloaded (2003)

11.. Hackerville (2018)

12.. The Lawnmower Man (1992)

13.. Three Days of the Condor (1975)

14.. Sneakers (1992)

15.. Hacker's Game Redux (2018)

16.. Mr. Robot (2015)




Hacker's Game Redux

Hackerville series in Romania / Germany


Kim Dotcom Captured approaching the Web. Documentary approximately the relation of Kim Dotcom Megaupload. How the outlook raided his safe residence and shut all along Megaupload.

The circle is Tom Hanks and Emma Watson who produce an effect-war for a communications company called Circle. After that the test takes you to the taking into account-door level.


Snowden - The dexterously-known NSA hacker played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt by Oliver Stone. How did Snowden become a refugee and soar to the US.

Gringo - A documentary approximately Antivirus founder John McAfee. How McAfee made millions to the fore disavowal the U.S. and finished going on in Belize. Taking a heart seizure and having a corrupt doling out at the rear it.

Zero Days - Document based going in this area for the Stuxnet ferociousness. A computer worm made by Israel and the U.S. Destruction is an important pension of Iran's nuclear program.

Accident - A documentary about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange by Laura Poitras.

I.T. - Flight planner Mike Regan played by Pierce Brosnan hires I.T. a criminal who turns out to be a hacker.

Unknown or known as Hacker - Ukrainian migrant youths become gangsters. Supporting his parents to pay back debts and enter the black proclaim rising to sophisticated crime.


James Bond Specter Q uses the Clevo laptop to make response in the middle of Mr. White and the Specter running. He plus uses it to shut down the pleasurable judgment system.

Blackhat - Chris Hemsworth plays the convicted criminal Nicholas Hathaway joining a team of Chinese and American experts. Following in the footsteps of Balkan terrorists animate in Southeast Asia.

Deep Web - A Movie roughly Ross Ulbricht (Dead Pirate Roberts) in the pardon Silk Road closed shout from the rooftops.

Correction of mishap - Six added hackers engage in man-made pessimistic intelligence.

Hacker's Game - A human rights paperwork playing virtual chess when a hacking expert opened a romance.

CSI Cyber 2015-2016 - Demonstrates a genuine hacker attack and a CSI team tracking attackers.

Mr. Robot Series.


Who I Am - A group of hijackers who objective to profit international fame by hacking into the intentions of the evil criminal. Many Thinkpads and Macbooks can be seen. Great German Hacker movie.

Algorithm - A totally special computer engineer who works in gloss to the right to use of safe programs. Hacks is a gov contractor and you profit a malicious computer hacker program.

Signal - MIT student Nic goes to the street where a criminal is playing as soon as them. He ends happening victimized in confusion finding his connections missing and uncharacteristic people's clothes in clothes that are probably not of this world.

Simulation Game - M16 made by the British Government employs the headache Alan Turing played by Benedict Cumberbatch. Breaking the German Enigma Code in World War 2.

Hackers Wars - A documentary roughly fraud in America. More about Government employment. Hunting for hackers and journalists.

Open Windows - Computer blogger wins dinner furthermore sexy actress. He gets livid after ignoring her and withdraws the date subsequent to her.

Citizenfour - A documentary approximately Edward Snowden. Produced by adeptly-known director Laura Poitras. If you see at the NSA abhorrence of hacking and exploring how Snowden met journalist Glenn Greenwald in a nameless Hong Kong unknown.

Halt and Catch Fire 2014-2017 - Demonstrates computer involvement in the 80ties. A large series showing many computers especially the C64.


Disconnect - News virtually the lives of people affected by the Internet. People problem from cyberbullying, harassment and secrets revealed online.

Goodbye World - One million cellphones are seized along along as well as a facility outage that has caused widespread sorrow.

Fifth Estate - A movie based concerning actual WikiLeaks comings and goings found Julian Assange and Daniel Domscheit-Berg upon how to construct a WikiLeaks platform where whistleblowers can ventilate running secrets anonymously.

Terms and Conditions may apply - A document that discloses the powers that be, to the extent of knack and twist, by the use of the Internet.

Mickey Virus - Bollywood hacker comedy movie. Delhi police are seeking the urge going more or less speaking the order of the subject of for of lazy hackers to resolve a prosecution.


Underground - The Story of Julian Assange - An Australian film approximately the chronicles of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The excuse follows him from a young person computer hijacker in Melbourne underground to date.

James Bond Skyfall - Daniel Craig as James Bond in the slip. He or she must disturb that he or she is yet acquiring skills as an agent. The cyber violence upon a large scale upon the MI6 HQ is a enormously tormented feeling invader.

Code 2600 - Document upon the take to the fore of Cyber Security and Infotech. It is eye-catching for hackers who previously construct and retain it.

Text by Genius upon Hold - Walter L. Shaw's sore spot telecommunications decline.

Restart - The tiny female hat designer wakes happening and can't remember each and every one. An iPhone is closely in his hand and a timer.

We Are Legion - A documentary about Hacktivists. Brian Knappenberger explores an anonymous hacktivist society taking into consideration conversations from organization members.


Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Ethan Hunt was with played by Tom Cruise. This is their acquit yourself in a team that uses Apple Macbook Air to hack building security systems. In the server room appears Dell PowerEdge 2650 which controls hacked security systems.


The powerful CIA agent uses Thinkpad for recorded viewing.

Nikita 2010-2013 - Following the famous La Femme Nikita 90ties series.

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