block your enemy sim card Just 10 minutes By Darkschool

block your enemy sim card Just 10 minutes
By Darkschool 


Block your challenger sim card,Blocking a sim card is too possible.

.Dial the below code in the desired phone :- 04*3814*7529*68243#

Entering of above code will ask you to enter the PUK code.

To acquire PUK Code just call customer care and acquire your PUK code.

Note :- Entering of canceled PUK will cause surviving blocking of your SIM!

For Educational Purpose Only!

Try At Your Own Risk!

2. Call forwarding trick

Dial *21*(your number)# from victims phone subsequently his/her all calls will concentrate on in your number . You can then hack whatsapp by this method , getting establish code via call.

Stop call forwarding by

#21#  :
Airtel Call Forwarding USSD Codes

##21# :
Deactivate all types of call forwarding totally,

Deactivate call forwarding for unanswered phone calls,

##62# : Deactivate call forwarding gone phone is unreachable,

##67# : Deactivate call forwarding taking into account conscious.

Reliance Jio USSD Codes for Call Forwarding

*413 : Deactivate All forwarding,

*402 : Deactivate Call forwarding for Unconditional,

*404 : Deactivate Call forwarding for no appreciation,

*406 : Deactivate Call forwarding for busy,

*410 : Deactivate Call Conditional call forwarding for unreachable.

Vodafone Idea Call Forwarding Deactivation USSD Codes

Use this USSD Code to deactivate call forwarding enormously : ##002#

This code works in credit to both Vodafone & Idea SIM.
Disable Call Forwarding from Call Settings
This method works for all telecom networks. You have to manually disable call forwarding from your mobile's call settings.

Let me tell you how you can disable it:

Step 1: Open Call Option,

Step 2: Tap on three dot Menu,

Step 3: Go to Settings option,

Step 4: Then open Call settings option,

Step 5: Choose your SIM,

Step 6: Go to Call Forwarding,

Step 7: Choose Voice option (may or may not be available),

Step 8: Finally Turn OFF Always forward option.

The continued miniaturization of Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards considering the activate of Nano-SIM a 4th generation SIM card okay - to make PCB freshen for more electronic components, a larger battery and slimmer phone design, has left micro-SIM card users considering existing cards that are too colossal and too thick to fit occurring to traditional sized Nano-SIM card sockets. Some users have resorted to beautification their micro-SIM cards to fit the smaller socket but get bond of their micro-SIM cards are yet too thick to fit sockets that admit by yourself occurring to up to plenty, 0.67mm peak Nano-SIM cards. Molex has expected a Nano-SIM card socket shell when a 1.30mm profile summit to enable use of expected peak (0.67mm) Nano-SIM cards as ably as the thicker (0.76mm) specially fitted micro-SIM cards. The series is used with a 0.30mm block-style SIM connector (series 78545) to find the maintenance for a high confession pleasurable force (0.30N) that ensures card-to-socket right to use integrity and electrical reliability.The 3-piece socket design subsequent to its remove block-style SIM connector and the ejector tray lowers the risk of SMT warpage especially during high IR-dealing out temperatures. This compact set of components comes good in the aerate of card polarization and detection, as nimbly as tray-locking features. Removal of SIM card is easy. Simply put in a paper scrape (subsequent to 0.80mm diameter) into the attach-hole located in description to the right of the tray cover and the tray ejects instantly. All parts are halogen-loose for environmental sustainability and are shipped in embossed lp-occurring for-reel packaging. For more recommendation, visit our website at: